Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Georgia on my mind

How to have the best 3 day weekend in Georgia ever: make Sally get married so you have a reason to come home, eat lots of fried green tomatoes and cake at said wedding, spend all day giggling with your oldest friends-Sally & Susannah, eat tons of BBQ and homegrown cherry tomatoes at your parent's house, give The Esquire lots of time to fish with daddy, eat more unbelievably sweet tomatoes from your parent's backyard, laugh with mom over the little baby clothes she used to force your brother to wear, have second helpings of mom's tomato pie, and make your 90 yr old grandmother tell the story of the one and only time she's ever been tipsy.

So...this past weekend we went back to Georgia for my friend Sally's wedding. Sally and Susannah and I have been friends since we were 2 yrs old. Crazy.

Sally makes amazing wedding cakes. This is the cake she did for us. The sugar dogwood blooms were so gorgeous people thought they were real. I love this cake.

Susannah is an ordained minister creating a new UCC congregation in Atlanta. She married The Esq and me 4 years ago on my parent's farm. She was kind enough to humor me and wear her black robe instead of her springtime white one so we wouldn't match. :-)

I have known these women longer than anyone outside of my family. We've had our ups and downs but we've always been together in one way or another.

Here we are in Assisi, Italy, in front of St. Francis' church.
I'm pretty sure we were fighting this day ...or maybe at this point we had stopped speaking to each other all together ...whatever, we still took a moment out of our argument to pose for the photo op. That's the kind of friends we are. Even in the middle of an ugly fight we still stop to take the pictures because we know eventually we'll get over it and will want those memories.

Here we are at our High School reunion in 1998...

And here we are last weekend at Sally's wedding... The bride is in pink.

I know it doesn't look like it but I swear we've all had different hairstyles in the past 10 years.

It was a lovely, intimate, fun, perfect wedding. Susannah, The Esq and I stuck around after wards to gossip with the newlyweds and to help finish off the cakes. (Yes, cakeS...as in more than one. I told you the bride was a wedding cake maker...of course she made all four of her wedding cakes! And everyone of them was delicious!

Out of respect for the new bride I am NOT posting the photo where she uses her false eyelashes to make a little french mustache. Consider that my wedding present to you Sally!

Back at my parent's house that night, my mom got out all the toys and clothes she had saved from my childhood. I had the best time going through all these things with my mom and grandmother. Everything had a memory for someone. I am so very, very happy that my mom let me pack up most of the clothes to bring home for the Wonder Twins.

Here are three little outfits my mom made for us. The little jumper on the right was my brother's favorite outfit when he was little. As for the dresses, I love how they are 4 feet wide and only half a foot tall. Apparently I was a very short, wide baby.
My mother also made this little red and white two-piece seersucker outfit for my brother. Yes, it's a little blazer. How cute is that! The label says "Specially handmade by Mother." I guess this is proof that my love of seersucker is genetic.
I just love that she made all of these...and that I now can force MY kids to wear them! Though it does make me a bit sad that I'm not as crafty as she was. Somehow I don't think crocheted owls will be as appreciated in 30 years by my kids.

Oh, and I can't forget about The Esquire's favorite part of the trip (besides the tomatoes, bbq and cake)... the fishing. Saturday morning before the wedding he and my dad pulled in this monster...
Yup. That's an 18lb catfish caught in my parent's pond (the same pond we got married by). Good times in Georgia indeed!

And now, after 3 blissfully fun days in GA, we are back in LA. Our court date is in 10 TEN days. So far I've been too busy to get nervous about it...which is a good thing, let's save that for next week! In the meantime I have a lot of little clothes to iron (!) and put away. And I have to find someone in LA growing tomatoes... I'm in lycopene withdrawal!


ps: as for Nanny's story about her only tipsy adventure...well, it's a good one, but you'll have to get her to tell you that one.


  1. I just love all the tomato variations, sounds wonderful. When one really utilizes a garden it is so fun and interesting to eat with the seasons. First it's zucchini for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then in a month it's tomatoes, then it's corn.....you know the deal. My mom is a huge talent in sewing so I feel similarly to you about my craftyness, but I have learned to embrace my art over time. As for you and your friends, you are all so cute and I love all the hairstyles. Your wedding cake really was beautiful, dogwood blossoms, oh my! Ten days, holy cow!!

  2. You were such a pretty bride!! Sounds like you had a a truly wonderful weekend with good friends and family and celebrations!!!

    And Kat....... NINE!!!!

  3. Love the pics! Looks like you guys have a great time together! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you on your court date!

  4. Okay, so this weekend does look like a million bucks of fun. But seriously, Kat, you are so beautiful, you should post more pics of yourself. :) Show off that smile.

  5. This brings me back to your wedding. No dessert has yet topped Sally's Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Cheesecake for me.