Sunday, July 19, 2009

How we spent our Sunday

Woke up, fixed my coffee and noticed the expiration date on our milk. Yup... July 24th. Coincidence?

And then we preceded to spend the next 7 hours crossing things off this list....

BTW...just in case you think this list looks light and breezy, let me add that it was THREE loads of laundry and TWO cribs (without an instruction manual) and one 47 ton treadmill (which we could only get as far as the dining room by ourselves...handy for when we want to snack on the run... ).

Some of the cuter proof of our labors...

Yes, that's a bear and a camel in the new stroller. What? You people let your cats try out your baby things... I let my camel.

And then, to reward ourselves for crossing off all but one thing on our list, we went to The Apple Pan for our favorite hamburgers and then to see the new Harry Potter movie. Yes, we're Harry Potter fans. And yes, I had read this book. I knew how it would end and yet...and yet I still cried at the end. When they all held up their wands ... it got me.

And so that was our Sunday... productive and hot and now, thankfully over! Time to go dream up another to-do list....



  1. OK- Super Cutest Pics and the lovelies aren't even in them yet ... can't even imagine how wonderful that is going to be ... beyond!!! Just in case "the Esquire" feels the need to shop for more Little Price People let me know. I have a list of must haves. They were by far my favorite toys I played with at my grandparents' house.
    I also went to Harry Potter last night. I made the mistake of reading the last two books last week - yeah, the obsessive lay in bed all day for two days kind of reading. So I was a bit disappointed with the changes they made and pivotal scenes not included. BUT the wand part was touching ... and I am glad that they are making two movies out of the last book so they can add more details. So ... why am I telling you this on your blog ??? Because these are just other things we have in common. And I'm just excited that you are making lists ... I have a fantasy Amazon Baby Registry ... that's what I do now ... to nest. But true lists, real lists, that actually need to be done ... WOW!!!

  2. Loved the Harry Potter movie, as well! How fun it is to see your blog and anticipate what I will hopefully be going through in a few months. Sweet!

  3. yipee... I love all the baby to do's. I can't wait to see those cute babes. And, FYI I have that same stroller and it is ah-mazing :) Happy To Do-ing Today

  4. Wow! I was actually thinking that list was very impressive. Seriously, why is that stroller so cute? I don't know but it gave me goose bumps when I saw it!

  5. holy busy day batman!! (or maybe I should say Harry Potter![I'm envious...still haven't seen it])
    I love the stroller by the way! narrow twin?? whole would have thought! you'll have to post how it works out when it fully loaded with 2 BRILLIANT BABES!!!!!

  6. impressive girl. Here's to the 24th! Good thoughts.

  7. Love the little stuffed animal stand-ins!! Wow...FOUR days Kat!!
    You know I've got all fingers and toes crossed!!

  8. Pretty impressive list if you ask me! I can't wait to see the new Harry Potter movie. I've heard great things about it! I love all of the cute things you're picking out for your little ones! What's even more exciting is that the next time we see that stroller will probably be a picture with them in it! So close!!