Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Day before

How I spent the Day Before Our Court Date
By Kat

I should start off by saying technically this is still The Day Before The Day Before our court date...because I never managed to fall asleep last night. Court date nerves have already kicked in.

I had an early morning play date at the beach with this one and her mom, and this one and her mom. It was perfect...overcast and cool but not chilly, the waves were making that perfect roaring noise that could lull an ogre to sleep. Not me of course. I'm still sleepless. Mimi kept showing us how she could do the splits. LT kept pointing out all the "doggies" (who were really birds, but her diction on the word Doggies was perfect).

Later I ran into Julie at the local Target. I was trying to decide what size our twins might be in a month and she was trying to find overnight diapers for the plane. We kept interrupting each other to ask how the other was doing. "are you ready to leave?" "are you nervous about court?" "do we really need a rectal, an oral AND an armpit thermometer?"

It's good to have women who have gone before living so close by. I feel like I'm about to graduate high school and they are all here to help me figure out that silly cap and which parties to go to.

I ended my day with my weekly Pilates session (I know, it sounds all hip and Hollywood but I have neck problems so it's not really that cool). Rebeca, my Brazilian trainer normally yells (good naturedly) and conveniently forgets how to count ("6, 7, 8, 3, 4, 5") and pushes me to my limit. But today I think she could sense I was in a different state of mind and we had the most lovely, relaxing, stretchy kind of class. Afterwards we discussed how seriously beautiful the twins are. Objectively of course.

And now I'm home. We've got Cuban food for dinner. And the crib mattresses arrived. We may watch some Harry Potter (I can NOT read another book on attachment right now...I need some mindless entertainment). And then we'll go to bed. And lay there. And whisper about what's happening elsewhere in the world.

Around 11pm LA time, the Judges will be going to work in Ethiopia (give or take an hour depending on whether they start at 8am or 9am or if they go get coffee first...). And at some point while we 'sleep' tonight, they will review our case and hopefully declare us a family. While we lay wide awake in bed tonight, on the other side of the world someone will hopefully make us parents. Now that is a crazy thought.

And that was my day. I feel it should have been bigger, crazier, with more excitement and fun. It should have involved travel and fireworks and bourbon and wild horses. I mean, this could be IT. If all goes well tomorrow, then everything will change. Today's activities should somehow reflect that change. The difference in Today and Tomorrow.

When I was in Ecuador I went to the equator (did you know the word Ecuador is Spanish for equator? Never say this isn't a teachable blog). It felt like a big thing ya know ... to stand on the Equator. I wanted there to be a change of light or music or something to mark the fact that I had just crossed from one hemisphere to the other but instead there is just a line that the Ecuadorian Tourism Authority have painted on the road. Sure, there's a little museum near by, but no confetti.

If/When we pass court tomorrow it will be like that. Just stepping over a line on the sidewalk. And yet... and yet.



  1. And yet...there WILL be confetti, thrown by many. xoxo. Try to get some sleep!

  2. I'll be sending the confetti.

  3. Can't wait to hear good news in the morning! Try to get some sleep tonight!

  4. Hope you both can get some sleep! And you betcha there is confetti all set and ready Kat!! A mountain's worth!!

  5. Praying, hoping and wishing! Try to get some rest ;-) I won't be getting much sleep tonight... I'm too busy cutting up confetti!!

    xo H, C & M!

  6. I will mail some confetti Kat. We are praying everything goes well for you tonight and you hear wonderful news tomorrow!!!

  7. seriously beautiful

  8. a surreal moment for you...I completely get the"I can't read another book on attachment." If I have to wait much longer I may write one. I will be sending good thoughts and prayers your way all day today.

  9. Love the equator analogy, beautiful. I get teary thinking of your tension as the hours are going by now. Thinking of you.


  10. Thinking happy thoughts!!!!

  11. Will be stalking this all day- ready to hear the great news!!

  12. keeping toes and fingers crossed.....from me the confetti will come in the form of happy tears shed way the heck up here in Canada!!

  13. Beautiful post! Hoping today is a magical day! (Maybe there was a reason for Harry Potter after all!)