Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why it's good to be a twin, #724

There is always someone to push your car.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

THIS April 16th...

I'm assuming that at some point I will have to stop playing the "what were we doing this time last year and just look what we're doing THIS YEAR!" game. But for now it's kinda fun to think about how far we've come and how much has changed in a year.

Last year on April 16th I posted this blog entry about each place The Esquire and I have celebrated our wedding anniversary. Someone commented that they hoped we'd always get to celebrate our anniversary in special ways and amazing places.

Well, I'm proud to say that we've managed to keep up the tradition. Here's where we were this year, for our 5 year anniversary.

Yup. The little stinkers. Doesn't it seem like Baby Girl is keeping look-out for Baby Boy? "Keep going! No one is coming!"

And this is that Wonder Twin Thing you dream about but then learn to dread... the tag team thought process. You can see them working out the next move together.

Don't worry, that candelabra is earthquake-proofed within an inch of its life. It won't move no matter how hard he pulls or the earth shakes.

Maybe it wasn't the most exotic celebration (I guess that depends on how you feel about the bathroom) but it was still the sweetest anniversary we've had.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How we spent Easter Weekend

I'll admit that between the 1st birthday (last week) and the 1st birthday party (coming up)...I kinda forgot about Easter. And so sadly my kids were seersucker-less and sans eyelet. Next year I'll be better prepared for the double whammy of birthday and Easter.

But even without going to church or being visited by a large was still a perfect weekend.

The twins hung out in their cool new cottage (thanks Grandpa!) and took turns riding in their new Crazy Coup (thanks Graciela!).
(notice those cute cloth diapered bums!)

And here's the highlight of the weekend...

Yup. He's mobile. In two days Baby Boy totally mastered his new Mail Cart walker. Any time he wasn't in his new car or his new house was spent walking determinedly back and forth across the yard. My favorite part of this video--when he realizes he can't go any further and says, "oh." Such cuteness. I also appreciate that he made the video blog-usable by never turning to face his mother!

Happy April everyone...