Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 16th: Through the Years

This is where the Esquire and I were on April 16, 2005
My parents farm in Georgia

This is where we were on April 16, 2006
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

This is where we were on April 16, 2007
Oklahoma City National Memorial

This is where we were on April 16, 2008
Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

And this is where I was today, April 16, 2009
Santa Monica Museum of Art, meeting Elias Sime, Ethiopian artist extraordinaire

And this is what the Esquire and I will eat tonight, to celebrate 4 years of sweet marriage.
Harmony's Special Anniversary Coconut Cheesecake...Thank you!


  1. Congratulations and felicidades and why have I not gotten a cheesecake from Harmony yet? No, really, I want to know. Why?

    PS. Pumpkin is my favorite, even in the spring.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Great to see you. I am looking forward to my morning coffee and my Amharic lesson. Thank you. That cheesecake looks amazing. Can't believe you didn't share it. (;

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a special day. Love the post through the years.

  4. Yum, looks scrumptious and looks like fun. That Elias Sim exhibit - argh, wish I were closer! So cool.


  5. Happy anniversary! It's very sweet how you do something special every year. Never let it stop!


  6. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Oh, and congratulations on having such memorable and amazing places for your "I do" day. That is fantastic. Just think, [fingers crossed] soon you will have your other proposal.

    How perfectly wonderful and amazing.

  7. Wow, I want to hear about meeting Elias Sime! Are you saving for another post??

  8. What a wonderful day!!!! I'm still spinning :) I hope you loved the Cheesecake, thanks for the picture!
    Julia- Pumpkin is my 2nd favorite, you have to join us next time!
    Julie- I'm going to be working on the Loquat sauce for the White Chocolate Cheesecake for the next time we see each other :)

  9. aahhh!!! What a good day... when are you going to talk about being famous????
    Can't wait to get together soon... fingers crossed for the 22nd!
    Oh, and Happy Anniversary!!!

  10. Just saw this post and WOW - what AMAZING Anniversaries you guys have!!
    And OK how jealous am I of the cheesecake now that you've tempted us by posting a picture of it!