Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Airport Magic

"There really is something magical about it. Just saying..."

That was Julie's response when I emailed to ask whether The Esquire and I should go to the airport last night to welcome home our friends just back from Ethiopia with their daughter. We had never been part of an "Airport Welcome Home Party" before and weren't sure of the protocol... Is it just family? Is it just very, very close friends? Should there be a party...won't it scare the child? We just didn't know and so I turned to the Expert in All Things, Julie, who told me we should be there. Because, "there really is something magical about it. Just saying..."

So we went.

And she was right.

We joined a big group of people in baggage claim waiting for the new family to arrive...some we knew, some we had never met, but by the time we said goodbye, all were wishing us good luck and saying "it's your time soon." Baby Anticipation makes friends out of strangers.

When the new family appeared, the whole airport heard our cheers.

Seriously, when is the last time you saw something this cute at the airport?

It was a reunion for these two. See, they had already met, months earlier when The Lady in the Hat was in Addis meeting her own cutie for the first time.

We all took turns holding her hand and soaking up her Ethiopian Magic.

Just in case you missed those eyelashes earlier....

Magic. Pure magic.

The Anticipated Babe allowed us to take photos and pet and coo over her with out a single fuss. And then her Grandmother hummed her to sleep...

PS...for more pictures of last night's magic, go here


  1. Awwwww.

    There's just nothing more to say really.

    Tomorrow - you're in my calendar

  2. Oh man...it's just magical looking at the pictures, I can't imagine being there! I want to be there when you come home with your babe(s). It will be soon! FIngers crossed for tomorrow. Harmony

  3. Wow! That really is magical! What a wonderful way to welcome a new baby to their new land! I must find a "Welcome Home Airport Party" group to become a part of!

  4. Simone is simply gorgous!! Oh my gosh what a stunner!!
    I can never get enough of the homecomings! They are pure magic!!

    Can't wait to be part of your airport welcome home party!! Soon Kat soon!!

  5. Breathtaking. The sun is shining in Sweden - I've been up since 5:00 am (baking birthday cookies for school...we can still do that here!). There have not been been 10 minutes that have gone by where I haven't wished/hoped and prayed for the call.

    When I was talking about it this morning, Jorgen said, "I don't think I know them (you and The Esquire)". I told him that Daddy and The Esquire played together when they were little boys...and he's going to be a great Daddy, just like yours. That's why we need to pray. So we are.

  6. I'm so glad you were there and look, now I was there, too. In a way. Seeing pics like that brings tears to my eyes. Love it.

    And, hello. That child is so beautiful!