Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What I do to pass the time and other ramblings

Ok, first of all, let me just say to all new bloggers out there... if you want to get feedback, don't waste your time posting about the sufferings of 3rd world countries, or your thoughts on the presidential race, or even your own dearest love story. If you want comments... talk about toys from the 70's. And show pictures... that really brings in the readers. :-)

I am glad you all love the Fisher Price stuff as much as we do. Of course, the Esquire firmly believes HE is the reason you all commented...

Moving on, people keep asking what I think about the whole Madonna-adoption thing. In a nutshell: I don't know Madonna, I don't know the details of her adoption process or what her intentions may or may not be, and so I refuse to judge her based on what US Magazine is saying. But I do feel sorry for everyone involved. If you really want to know how I feel then read this . And this also. I love both Melissa Fay Greene and Randy Cohen and so really appreciate their thoughts on the subject.

More ramblings... last night on NPR "Talk of the Nation" did a piece on international adoption. Here are two sentences that really struck me...

"Adoption isn't about philanthropy, it's about family."
On the subject of international adoption versus domestic: "Children in need of families are borderless."


And just so you don't think I've gone all deep on you... let me leave you with my latest hobby.
Crocheted owls. Pretty cute huh? I loved my terrarium class so much that I've gone back for more classes at Reform School. Seriously, if you live in LA you need to check out their Home Ec. class schedule. Next month they have a class teaching you how to make yarn out of old plastic grocery bags and then knit them into a tote bag. I know, right?! Last week I learned how to crochet these owls (I made the grey one in class and the other two at home with scrap yarn, it only takes about 2 hours so I'm just whipping them out.) and this week I am taking "Sewing 101." Stay tuned till next week when I show you my finished PILLOW! ooooh, ahhhh, wow!

xoxo, Kat


  1. Ok, I'm REALLY hoping we get one of those owls. They're adorable!

  2. Those are the cutest owls ever!!! Wish I lived a little bit closer, I want to knit new bags out of old bags...what?? Hee, hee.

  3. Your advice to new bloggers cracked me up! I love Melissa Faye Green & Randy Cohen's commentary too. I love Fisher Price vintage toys too! I love crocheted owls too. Say.... maybe we need to hang out more!! ;-) How about a double date one night? We would love it!

  4. We just listened to the Talk of the Nation piece this evening while the Papa Dog made dinner. Don't you just want to be Isolde Motley? Man, what a cool cucumber.

  5. ACK! Kat here...I had a really great comment from someone about the NPR story (charity vs family, domestic vs international) and I rejected it by accident! (sadly this is not the first time I've done this...I have problems w/ buttons it seems). If YOU left this comment... please leave it again, and please don't be offended...I swear it was an accident!

    ps...I think it ended with "...the Esquire is Fabbo!" (and no...I'm pretty sure the Esq didn't leave the message :-)

  6. It wasn't me but I'll chime in. It. Kills. Me. Every. Time. someone (usually snidely and self righteously) says, "Aren't there plenty of American kids that need homes?"

    I have now come up with a standard answer: "Oh, have you adopted domestically?" "No? Then shut the $#%& up." No one, and I mean NO ONE, who has adopted domestically has ever asked me that. I know plenty of people who have adopted domestically and that question certainly hasn't come out of THEIR mouths.

    I mean really, the implication is that American children are somehow more deserving, more in need. Is this true? I think not. Not more and not always less either. I'm sure the same people resent the foreign aid that leaves the US going to people who have no clean source of water, are dying of AIDS for lack of medications that COULD be very inexpensively provided, or whose families are the victims of GENOCIDE.

    And while we're at it, let's go over my options for domestic adoption: I'm single; educated and intelligent; but I don't make a ton of money, and probably won't be sending anyone to private school.

    I can either get in line with a passel of other parents for a private infant adoption and compete with all the stay-at-home-mom, pediatrician-dad families (no birth mother in her right mind would pick me over them) OR I can apply for a foster care license in the hope that I might get a foster placement for a child that will, years down the line, turn into a permanent adoption but which could also, years down the line, turn into a child who goes back to his bio parents or extended bio family. Either way, not good options for me.

    Can you tell I feel strongly about this?

    Note to self: Listen to NPR piece and come up with a response that does not involve profanity or my neck getting splotchy.

    {Gets down off soapbox} Love the owls. =)

  7. Very cute owls!!! Knitting with plastic bags sounds pretty darn cool!
    I heard the NPR piece on Tuesday as I was driving little Ms. T to the pediatrician. Loved what the woman from Holt had to say!

  8. We might have to work out a little Scandinavian slidey pen for hand knit owl barter. The Professor needs one of those in his office!