Saturday, July 18, 2009

Super Genius Kids...I'm ready for you! *EDITED*

days until our court date.


A few weeks ago we got this update on the Wonder Twins:

Baby Boy
...after he had his bottle he did what all babies do - and the caregiver was happy to change his diaper!

Baby girl
...was very content having her photo taken and would instantly smile when the camera was pointed at her as if she was posing just for the camera.

Did you catch that? He poops and she smiles. That's right... they're BRILLIANT! I mean, it's obvious right? They are so smart in fact, that I have begun to worry we aren't prepared for them. I mean, here we are, buying teethers and rattles and other such things recommended for 4 month olds when it's sooooooo clear they are ready for the big time.

So in an effort to be more prepared for my super genius kids, I sent away for this:

My good blogger friend Harmony recommended this dvd series to me and I trust her cause, well, she's a professional occupational therapist. She knows this kinda stuff.

This dvd alone will help my budding geniuses with correct letter placement, teach them sight words, give them tips on how to hold avoid confusing b,d, p & q ... !

Ok, so seriously, I'm not going to push this on the Wonder Twins...yet...but as someone with BAD handwriting who is married to someone with even WORSE handwriting, I'm excited to know we have this as a resource for the future. Thanks for passing it on to us Harmony!

So... did I mention we've only got 6 days left?


***EDIT: for some reason the first time I published this, none of my links worked! It was as if I was trying to hoard all the cool learning dvd's for myself! If you are interested in this amazing dvd or perhaps the ones they have for cursive writing, etc...then go here: It's truly a great resource!


  1. Your two little brilliant cuties will love that DVD (well, once they're old enough to hold a pencil ; ) and......

  2. Thanks for posting!!! Can I add the website? :)
    I have been thinking about you so much too, OMG 6 days, wow. Can't wait to hear the good news and see pictures!!!