Sunday, May 3, 2009

More LAX Magic

In the past I have tried my best to keep busy while we wait for The Call. I have spent my waiting-time learning how to make this and these, or reading about this subject, or making sure the Esquire doesn't buy too many of these. But I'm done with those hobbies. I have found a new obsession to spend my time on. One that gets my heart racing and my blood pumping and makes use of my glitter-pen skills:

Airport Welcome Wagon

Yup. Greeting new families as they return home from Ethiopia... trust me, it's addicting. A few weeks ago we got our first taste of the Welcome Wagon Magic when we were on hand to meet Simone as she arrived home with her family. The joy, the energy, the was like baby crack. We had a taste and we wanted more.

Luckily, we got another fix yesterday. This time we were at LAX to greet Amy as she arrived home with her daughter, the littlest ladybug of them all, Miz LT.

To be a member of the LAX Welcome Wagon, you must possess superior poster board skills and be able to cry at the first sight of the arriving family.

Like a hysterical group of tweens catching a glimpse of that guy from Twilight, The Welcome Wagon rushes toward Mama and Babe at first sight.

Mama never stopped smiling while the Sweet Babe gazed out at all of us thoughtfully.

Baby-sized, madras-plaid espadrilles...just one of the many signs of magic you witness when you are part of the Welcome Wagon.

While the Welcome Wagon gathered around cooing and ahhing and crying and laughing, the Sweet Babe just smiled. She never cried or pouted or hid away. She rested comfortably in her mother's arms, found her light, and smiled at her adoring fans.

So, I think it's pretty clear why I won't be wasting my time crocheting any more owls... I mean, I have signs to make and babies to greet! Once you've experienced Airport Magic you can't go back. Oh, alright, so maybe I'll work on an owl or two when flights are delayed...

Now, who's coming home next?



  1. Hey, woa...I know the welcome wagon is great and all but I still want my little owl :) J.K. She's such a cutie!! I can't wait to get in on one of these welcome wagons!!!

  2. I am cracking up at the photo of all of us "tweens"! Hysterical! What a magical day it was.. Liv is a dream! I cannot wait until we are all waiting for you and the Esquire to come down that escalator!!

  3. And I thought Pinkberry was addictive. You are next! (Or second next!)

  4. How hilarious!! Just found your blog recently, and am really enjoying it... I'm hoping for my first taste of airport welcome magic in a few weeks. Wasn't 100% sure whether to go - this post has definitely decided me, YES!!!

  5. I can definitely think of some people that I am ready to see come walking into LAX with kids in tow. I cannot wait. It's great that you post about this airport magic because I feel like I am there by proxy.


  6. I wanna go, I wanna go! I've always loved ""airport stories (I typically make them up in my own mind based on reactions) but this takes it to a whole new level! I cry just looking from thousands of miles away...can't wait for YOUR day!