Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today is a Good Day

Today is a Good Day.

Today, my very first blog friend, Julie--aka: my first LA ET adoption friend, my wait list mentor & sounding board, my eyebrow guru, my talented, amazing writer friend--my very dear and wonderful friend Julie... Julie and Steven saw their children for the first time.

Today is such a good, good day. I haven't stopped crying since she said, "can you come over tonight, there is someone I want you to meet. Two someones actually."

They waited 16 months and today they met their daughter and her little brother.

I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed sounds lame compared to how I feel about these people and about their good news. I am Whelmed-Up. Whelmified. Uber Whelmed.

I'd write more now but it's hard to type through the tears. So just go on to their site. Read the comments, feel the love the world has for them and you too can be whelmificated.

Seriously. Today is a GOOD DAY.



  1. I love "Uber Whelmed"!! Give her a hug for me :) A great day!

  2. A seriously good day!

    Yes, I'm feeling perfectly whelmificated!

  3. Still whelmificated at 1:31 am. THANK YOU, for today, and for everything else.You are the one who first spoke their names...properly. (:

  4. Oh, I am so so so so so jealous that you have seen their pictures!!