Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why it's more fun to wait in LA

Apparently, the King of Pop's Wait List Anthem, was just the trick we needed to get things moving. Last week we were #5 on the very unofficial list and today we are in the #2 range. There was a referral yesterday and another one things are happening folks!

So we continue to wait. But luckily we are waiting in sunny LA where with one quick phone call, I can be at the beach in just 20 mins to hang out with 5 of my favorite ladies...

It was LT's first visit to the beach.

Miz Mimi was amazing when it came to sharing

LT liked the added crunch the sand gave her snacks.

Mimi wasn't so into actually being in the cold waves but she seemed to love sitting close by with her best bud Julie.

It was a lovely, spontaneous day. I'm not a doctor, and I don't play one on TV, but I do think think the beach and some babes are the perfect prescription for Waiting-List-Sickness.


ps: there are at least 16 Gladney families with court dates next week. I think we need to find an anthem for them. Sister Sledge's "We are a family" perhaps? Any other suggestions?


  1. Awwwww, I'm feeling a Half-Moon Bay Moment coming on....also, thanks for the song!

  2. Thanks for a great day! so much fun.

  3. Oh, this looks like such a gorgeous day! Not so nice to be waiting here - I have leaden skies and a day in front of a bunch of spreadsheets. Blah. Great news on moving up the list!!

  4. Oh an anthem for next week! How about "Make It Happen" by Mariah Pacifiah Carey? (I know, I know, everyone hates Mariah except me. Sigh)

  5. Cindy, I am willing, just this one time to listen to Mariah. Desperate times...

  6. If it is the ONLY way, I will listen to Mariah Carey. Otherwise count me out.

    My vibes must be having an off week. I was feeling yesterday. Hope springs eternal, no adoptive mom is an island.

  7. "Hope springs eternal, no adoptive mom is an island." - Julia, that is beautiful.