Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekends are the Golden Time for Singing Birds

I have a confession to make. Every day, Monday thru Friday, at 2pm I let out a huge exhalation, a sigh of both disappointment and relaxation. See, 2pm LA time is 5pm Texas time... the end of the work day for our agency.

Once the clock strikes 2pm I can stop jumping every time the phone rings. I can stop checking my email every ten minutes. I can call the Esquire at work without getting his hopes up. I can go into a store and not worry that my cell phone won't have service. Of course I'm sad that another day has come and gone without our referral call. But at least now, after 2pm, I can stop thinking about it. Ok, that might be a stretch...but I do stop dwelling on The Call as much.

The weekends are the same way. Two whole days where I can lose track of my cell phone and we don't have to worry about being reachable. Suddenly Thank God for the Weekends has a whole new meaning. It's just nice to have a bit of time where you don't have to wonder...could the call come today? Cause you know that it won't. (and if anyone knows of a referral call coming on a Sunday, please don't tell me! I need these two days of calm to help me stay alert for the rest of the week!) Weekends are the golden time when you are on the wait list...we aren't anxious about whether or not our ringer works and we're filled with hope for the coming week.

So it's now after 2pm on Friday...and we are heading out for a spontaneous weekend road trip. Going north a few hours to sample olive oil and wine, eat adobado and queso de cazuela, sit, read, nap and explore. I am very grateful to have the kind of husband who will call suddenly in the middle of a Friday and suggest a road trip.

Next week is a big one for Gladney families ... I've counted at least 17 families who have court dates between now and May 25th. The only anthem (sadly) suggested for these families was "Make It Happen" by Mariah Carey so alas, it wins by default. Hey, no one ever said international adoption was easy! So no matter how you feel about Mariah, I expect you all to join in and sing it loud, sing it proud next week in honor of those families.

And just so my last thought for the weekend isn't Glitter-related ... I'll share with you my new favorit-est saying. It was given to me by my Uncle-in-law (who I think is just the bee's knees. Mainly cause we share a love of the Jacaranda :-) earlier this week and I think we could all grow some heart trees right about now.

Keep a green tree in your heart and
perhaps a singing bird will come.

Happy Weekend,

ps...I did a search on Google images of the quote and it pulled up the amazing jpg shown above. I have no idea who this blogger is but I want to give him/her credit because I just love it! Isn't Google the coolest?


  1. As I fellow Gladney family member, I'm singing loud and proud for all those amazing people with upcoming court dates.

    Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

  2. What a fabulous quote!! Have a GREAT time on your road trip!

  3. I will keep the tree in my heart. And I will sing a Mariah song, too. Actually, don't have to ask me twice, I love Mariah's (older) stuff. I love that artwork, beautiful.


  4. That man of yours is OK in my book!!! Have a great weekend! Call me next week, myself & Mimi are free, let's go out and play...

  5. Have a great road trip!!
    (And I love your uncle-in-laws saying!)

  6. Hope you had a great weekend! Sound like a good one. Love the quote too! Thanks for the bit of inspiration :)

  7. Sniffle ---> Sadly, that song is not representative of my music taste in totality I promise (though I do like it, he he). The photo of the bird on the tree is uber cool as is your Uncle's saying. I hope this next week is triumphant for a good many.


  8. Kat,
    I am totally getting antsy so I know you must be too. Hoping and praying that you (and I) here something soon.