Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A hui hou, I’m off to hele with my ipo! *

Happy St Patrick's day... no time to ramble on right now cause I have a mile long list of things to do (buy toothpaste, self-tan, find bikini bottoms in back of closet, print airline tix, decide which straw hat to take, fret over size of found bikini bottom, self-tan more {fat looks skinner when it's tan right?}, make room for 3 straw hats in suitcase, empty fridge, realize The Esquire also would like a little room in suitcase...take out one hat, water plants, cancel mail ...) before we leave for here:
Tunnels Beach

yup... The Esquire and I are off for one last Childless Vacation... a Baby-Moon if you prefer. At least we hope it's the last one we have time for before our referral!! Personally, thanks so much for asking, I am in a good mind/heart place right now... a "it's ok to still be waiting because the end result will be REALLY worth it" kinda place. Of course this new calm could just be the knowledge that in less than 28 hours I will be on a lovely beach with a fruity drink, a good book, and my favorite traveling partner. Sigh... I'm happy just thinking about it!

So please, have a great week everyone. I hope to return (safely tanned and very relaxed) to an inbox full of news about friends passing court and everyone receiving Their Call. Seriously, if I'm willing to go explore paradise for you, the least YOU can do for me is get your Referral Calls!

* according to my googlictionary that means 'Much love, I'm off to walk around with my sweetheart!'


  1. Bon Voyage! Drink many fruity concoctions! Splash in the sun! Read a good book! Sleep and dream!

  2. JEALOUS! Have a fantastic Baby Moon!

  3. Hope you both have a great time!!! I'm jealous, jealous, jealous!!

  4. Hello, I'm April Mullins and came across your blog on Gladney Families Blog. We are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. We are waiting on our CIS approval to send to Kate and our dossier is complete. I was wondering if I could link with your blog and keep in touch??God Bless!! The Mullins Family..

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment a while back. My husband and I decided this past weekend to take off for Atlanta for a little mini vacation ourselves. Hope you had an amazing trip! Hoping for lots of referrals soon!