Friday, March 13, 2009

Good week / Friday Sharing #3 **EDIT**

It was a good week for Gladney families...there were at least two referrals that I know of. Slowly, slowly, things keep moving along.

**EDIT** We just found out that our around-the-corner neighbors also received their referral this past week for sibling sisters! Wahoo! Let the magic continue! And let it continue in our neighborhood :-)

And I predict it will be a good Gladney weekend here in SoCal also. Tomorrow is her baby shower. She received her referral for little Miss Liv just days before Christmas...pretty cool present don't you think? Her court date is at the end of this month so keep your fingers crossed for Amy and her sweet LT.

And then on Sunday, at the Gladney California Ethiopia Family Dinner we get to meet this man...
This is Belay Tefesse, part of Gladney's Ethiopia Program In-Country team. This is the man who will help match us with our child/ren. Can you stand it! In our eyes he is magical, a celebrity of sorts and we can't wait to meet him in person.

And finally, for Friday Sharing time, here's a short entry from one of the families who received their referral this week. I love her writing and highly recommend all of her entries, but this one just seemed like the perfect way to help kick off a great weekend. So go here and bask in the glow with them.


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