Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good News :-) Bad Counting :-(

Wahoo!!! Today at least 4 Gladney families passed court and soon will be traveling to Ethiopia to pick up their children!

Amy, one of the new moms who passed court today, and I haven't known each other for very long. But you can tell by looking into her eyes that she is READY to be a mom to little Liv Tunsitu. And you could tell by the amazing baby shower thrown for her by friends a few weeks ago that Amy has a large village ready, willing and happy to help welcome Miz Liv Tunsitu HOME. The best part of this whole adoption process so far has been getting to know other families on the same ride. And the bestest best part has been seeing them get referrals and pass court. And the yummiest, bestest, most fabulous part is when your new friends introduce you, in person, to their child. THAT is truly a golden moment.

Congratulations Amy and all the other families who passed today! b/t/w... if I am reading Amy's travel plans correctly she will be holding her daughter for the first time on April 26th...which in my humble opinion is one of the best days of the year...(no gifts necessary but I do love cake!)

In other news, a not so golden moment: realizing today that no, we aren't just starting our 7th month on the list, we are starting our EIGHTH MONTH ON THE WAITLIST.


I was sitting here downloading some photos for a blog entry I wanted to write about Fisher Price toys, when I decided to see if there was a new post on The Holloman's blog. Today she says they are just starting their 8th month on the waitlist. Huh? How can that be... we went on the list one day after they did and we are just starting our 7th month? Let's see...we went on the list on Aug 29th. Hmmmm...Sept 29th, Oct 29th, Nov 29th, Dec, Jan, Feb, March 29th ... OMG!


I mean, this doesn't change anything. We are still waiting. There are still families waiting ahead of us. We still have more time to wait. I guess I should be happy by this. We miraculously sort of 'missed out' on a whole month of agonizing waiting ... and yet, this realization makes me sorta sad. 8 months sounds sooooo much longer than 7 months. When we started on the list, the average wait was 3-5 months. Sigh.

Oh well. Month 8 it is. No big deal. There is too much good news out there today to waste time dwelling on this new calculation. Things are moving forward for all Gladney adoption families and that's what matters. When it's our time, it will be our time, nothing I can do about it.

I'm ok with this news, really I am, but I think I might have to postpone the perky Fisher Price blog until tomorrow. Right now I think I just need a piece of coconut cream pie ...


  1. I looked at the secret list earlier today (nothing to do with me but I still love the list) and reflected on how very, very close you are. I don't think you're going to nine, and I have a very good prognosticating record.

  2. 8 does seem much longer than 7 doesn't it?? But, Ellen got her referral today! That just gives me so much hope...it's going to happen SOON:)

  3. Wish we lived a little closer so I could join you in pie heaven! Your time is coming - it's coming! I don't think you're going to nine either!

  4. Wish I could send you a cheesecake :) Harmony