Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wisdom found in the most unlikely places

Sometimes the Universe knows what you need to hear before you even know that you have a need. Did you follow that?

The Universe spoke to me last weekend in a new hip store called Opportunity Unity Workshop. Sadly, they don't have a website so I can't show you all the cool t-shirts they silkscreen right there in the store. But trust me, they are all works of art.

You know, the tag in the back of most shirts, the one that usually tells you where the garment was made? At Opportunity Unity Workshop, the labels are the size of dollar bills and are bright orange with the wisdom of the ages printed in bright turquoise....

I OPEN EVERY DOOR. Most of the Shadows of this life
are caused by standing in one's
own sunshine.
Yesterday ended last night.
Every Day Is A New Beginning.
Learn the skill of forgetting. And move on. WITHIN OUR
If Opportunity Doesn't Knock, Build A Door.

I know, right? All this wisdom printed on a clothing label and yet no mention of the company's name. Craziness. But what wonderfully wise craziness.

You just never know where you'll find the words that you need to hear most...


ps--Congratulations to our neighbors Kristine and Michael, they passed court today and will travel to pick up their daughters on June 20th. This is going to be one stinkin' cute neighborhood soon!


  1. Stalking your blog and hoping and praying that you get your referral soon. I have told myself that I will not get my hopes up for my own referral until you guys have yours. I am really trying not to go nuts here :)

  2. Oh, I really like that "tag"!

  3. wow- if only I had that much wisdom. My goodness... and all on a label. Sending you some peaceful thoughts as you wait. I know your day will come and it will be ah-mazing!!!

  4. I'm definitely in need of some wisdom. Where is the store?!
    Yes, VERY cute neighborhood indeed.

  5. I'm new to your blog as of a few minutes ago. I climbed over from Julie's blog and I am a huge fan of Cindy's blog, too. I just wanted to send you all the good vibes from the South Bay. I am fascinated by the bravery and love that all of the ET adoption families must have to endure the process. You all have such beautiful children and I can't wait to add your blog to my check list. It will be such an incredible day when you receive your referral. I freaked out when I saw Julie had hers...totally started crying and my fiance just couldn't get why my cyber-friends had me crying. And when Cindy posted pictures of her son this week that just came home....tears and tears again.

    I send you all the best!

  6. Oh Wise Shirt Label. I bet wearing that shirt one feels light as a feather.


  7. A referral is coming soon to a great family like yours! Any day now! Get ready!