Monday, June 29, 2009

Our week back east (with a yummy bonus!)

A brief look at our week in DC with The Esquire's family...

We spent a lot of time on the metro. I used that time to contemplate how I would ever manage public transportation with twins. Oldest Nephew, to the amusement of all the train passengers, spent the time trying to extract his wiggly, loose tooth. But fret not, he was hygienic about it--he always had a "blood staunching napkin" on hand. Those are his words.

Once in DC we spent a lot of time looking for this super hero but alas, this is as close as we got.

The nephews, Sister-in-law and I took a tour of the capital. Sadly, I have no pictures of Youngest Nephew. He is always moving and is much too fast for me to ever catch on film.

In addition to wandering around the great sites of our country's capital, we also had a chance to visit our first Hannah Anderson store (we've only seen the catalog before). The Esquire was hesitant "More baby clothes?" but then he saw this and changed his tune, "It's on sale, Baby Girl has to have it!" I think the pattern reminds him of our favorite detective, Mma Ramotswe.

The nephews and their parents went to Egypt for spring break (I cool is that) and they brought this back for the Twins! Who can resist a finger puppet in a head scarf!

We spent one day hanging out with my goddaughter and her brother, who are the same ages as the nephews, and their mom. While The Esquire organized a "Wipeout" style obstacle course in the backyard with the hose, swing set, slide and some boogie boards...I was inside the house collecting oodles of gorgeous hand-me-downs for the twins. Lots of seersucker for Baby Boy and crazy florals for Baby Girl. This picture does not do the gorgeous Michelle Obama-esque pink coat or cute little bikini justice.

But even better than the kool kids klothes, my bff gave me a box of BERGER COOKIES! If you are from Baltimore then you know what I'm talking about...and if you aren't, well, I'm sorry, you don't know what you are missing. These cookies make me Very. Happy.

It was a great week, lots of lovely, quality time with The Esquire's family and bonus visits with friends but as always, we had to return home. Here is The Esq at LAX waiting on our bags. I love the ad on the baggage carousel....

And speaking of our future.... our neighbors Kristine and Michael returned from Ethiopia with their daughters, A & T, on Saturday night. Funnily enough, our neighborhood's annual Summer Potluck was on Sunday and since they had only been here for 8 hours, A & T won the Newest Residents' Prize!

But here's what you've been waiting for... while in Ethiopia, Kristine and Michael visited with the Wonder Twins and got these unbelievably yummy footprints for us. That's our flat-footed-never-will-serve-in-the-military son's print on the right and his high-arched-Giselle-in-the-making sister's print on the left. I've placed a few random household objects around the prints to give you an idea of scale. My son's foot is smaller than my Costco card. Crazy.


PS--Today is the twins 3 month birthday!


  1. Oh wow - sounds like you had an amazing week. Far and away my favourite bit is those little tiny itty bitty feet! The cuteness!!!!

  2. At first, all I was going to say was how cool it was that your nephew was bigger than the capital. I mean, he could squish that building if he wanted.

    But then? THEN? I saw the footprints. And I did a quick gasp! And the day got even better.

  3. Just saw this Kat and oh the little feet!! Amazing.

  4. Passed today!!! subtle hint eh?

    Can't wait to see the twins!!!!

  5. oh those delicious kissable toes!!! yummy!!

  6. Looks like a lovely week, Kat~! and yum, those cookies look scrumptious!