Friday, June 26, 2009

Greetings East Coast

No real news, just thought I'd say hi from the East Coast. We've had a great week with the Esquire's family and a few good bonus visits with friends. It's been fun hanging out with the nephews and hearing them talk about the twins. At least 50 times a day I will ask them, "who has the cutest babies in the world?" They will roll their eyes and dutifully say, "you do."

No news yet on when we'll get a court date. We still have our fingers crossed that we'll get a court date before the rainy season closure but who knows. So until we hear something for ourselves, we are putting all our focus on the countdown until Julie's courtdate.

Oh, and in the local paper today the twins' horoscope reads:

Your parents affect your day, whether or not they're actually there.

You'll act in a way you know you inherited from one of them.

It's your choice whether to continue on with this inheritance.

Seems poignant to me.

Heading back to LA this weekend... xoxo, Kat


  1. Love the horoscope. Can't wait to see the most beautiful babies in the world. Will keep my fingers crossed for a speedy courtdate!

  2. Hey I think you guys are now BACK!!! Yay!!!! Sounds like you had a great trip East!!

  3. wow...great horoscope! its beautiful how connections appear in the strangest of places when our hearts are really drawn in a VERY specific direction. little signs along the way that yes, indeed, this is really happening. (you must have a good horoscope resource...either that or it was truly serendipity!)

    looking forward to reading more about your journey to parenthood!!