Saturday, June 20, 2009

And we're off!

We are off to the East Coast for a week to visit with family...

And this cute little Wonder Twin care package
is off to Ethiopia with our neighbors, Kristine & Michael, who are headed there right now to pick up their DAUGHTERS! (Have I mentioned how seriously cute our neighborhood is about to become?)

Happy week to all...xoxo, Kat

ps--Baby Boy's onesie is covered in Pterodactyls in honor of the FU :-) Did you notice his little dinosaur claw socks? How cute is THAT! Baby Girl had socks with little cat faces on them but I just can't do the whole cat/Kat thing, so she's going with a Cindy Lu Who look.


  1. Love! his little dinosaur claw socks and her little Cindy Lu Who look!!
    Have a great trip!!!

  2. Those twinnies are the cutest outfits.


  3. I love the "wonder twin" package!