Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Sharing Time #2

For today's sharing time, I'm passing you along to AnyMommyOutThere. I don't remember exactly how I found her blog but it's become one of my favorites for many reasons. In a nutshell she and her husband were one time big world travelers who now find themselves w/ a mortgage, a mini-van, and 3 kids under 4 yrs old (with another on the way). She's one of those writers who can be funny in one sentence and heartbreaking in the next; who can go from poo to adoption disruption with a few smooth keystrokes.

I highly recommend her whole blog. Just go to her archives and randomly pick an entry, you won't be disappointed. But for now, just to give you a taste of the delicious AnyMommy here are three of my favorite posts...

Two Paths Diverged This first one is slightly random but I like it because she deals with the question I ask myself every day: how do you give your children both roots and wings? Sadly, she doesn't provide an answer, but asks the question in a way that I really get.

Invisible Bonds In this post she confesses just how hard that first year with her adopted daughter was but how in the end it was all worth it. There is a definite "ahhh" moment at the end.

And then just so you don't thing AnyMommy is all soul searching and's one to make you laugh.... It Just Keeps Getting Better

May your weekends be as sunny and glorious as ours here in LA promises to be...

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  1. I am so flattered (and blushing). Thank you for your touching words. I'm so glad you wrote to let me know - I don't always see links or realize if I don't get a heads up. How fun to join you near the beginning of your journey!