Tuesday, February 17, 2009


In my WHOLE life of eating fortune cookies I have NEVER received a fortune that caused me to shake... until last night.

First, The Esquire opened his fortune cookie:

oh, that's a good one.

And then I opened mine.

If YOU had been on the wait list for 5.5 months wouldn't this fortune make you shake also????

I'm just saying....


  1. You should totally play those numbers. That fortune is golden, gospel truth.

  2. Kat - it is coming!!! And yes, I'd be shaking too!

    Yep, we have the City Classic from baby jogger. There's a lot I like about it and some stuff not so much but hey, that just may be because I've got some stroller driving issues (don't ask). I'd be happy to talk strollers with you anytime!

  3. Because I love fortunes. And because I love beads. Hmmm. Shouldn't that explain why I'm posting this comment on this blog??


    Dearest Kat-

    Guess what I got TOday?! An incredible, BEAUTIFUL, so generous of you to give it to me, handmade bead... sent from LA, CAL (previously in India, by gosh by golly!)!!! WOO-HOO!!

    I can't wait to put the necklace together to see it in all it's glory- all colors, all shapes, all sizes, each one sent with love and squeezed in next to each other.

    The bead you sent me. Whew. Have I already told you how gorgeous it is? The picture I took had to be kind of funky to make sure I could always clearly see the painted flowers on it. What a gift you sent me, what a treasure! Please know, please know, know, know that I will cherish it forever. And ever and ever amen.

    (One more thing) And you know what else I love so much about it? Every time I look at it I will think of you and your journey- and that will make my heart warm up and feel all good inside.

    Thank you, dear Kat of LA, thank you. I am honored to know you in this strange (yet fully connected) fashion! Know I will forever cherish your bead, your words, the gorgeous card you included. They truly mean the world to me.