Tuesday, November 11, 2008

(almost) Wordless (almost) Wednesday

Correct me if I'm wrong...but I can't help but think the Drive-Thru Flu Shot is a very LA kinda thing.

Yup...that's me below in the Mazda. Earlier today I just pulled up, filled out a form, and a nurse gave me my flu shot.

Not only did I never get out of my car but I never even turned the car off! AND I got this snazzy sticker!

So tell me... is the Drive-Thru Flu Shot a LA creation or is it actually common place to get your immunizations this way? They also had Drive-Thru voting this past week in Orange County, but the OC is just kinda crazy that way.

For the record, we love anything Drive Thru. Our absolute favorite Drive Thru experience--The Drive Thru Espresso Shack!-- isn't in LA though...it's in Rapid City, South Dakota. They have these Coffee Shacks all over the north west but we don't have any here in LA. I suppose if we did it would put all the valet guys out of business...

How cute is that... The Esquire ordering our lattes from a lady in a log cabin!

And now I think I have to go lie down... I'm feeling a bit flu-ish suddenly...



  1. Oh my. I thought the drive thru liquor store in Santa Fe was weird.
    Call me tomorrow if you aren't too fluish.

  2. My husband got his flu shot running between connecting flights at O'Hare. I thought that one was a little weird but driving up and sitting in your car tops it hands down. Love the log cabin expresso drive-thru!