Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Packing under a full moon.

I have so much I want to write many bloger-sations run through my head all day long but I never find time to sit and write them all down. Since the moment we passed court and were told we would travel in 2 weeks I have been constantly running. Here it is, 11pm, and at this moment I am doing a load of laundry, hard boiling eggs, sterilize-boiling bottle nipples, and downloading podcasts, all while trying to jot down a few things here. Those of you who have been given 2 weeks to travel understand where I am at mentally, emotionally and physically... must multi-task at all times!

And it's not that I have such incredibly important things to write about but still, it's nice to jot it down, to have it here so we can look back later and remember this crazy time unlike any other.

I want to write about how, at my very core, I Am A Traveler. I love to go, see, move, do, sit in new places were I don't understand the language. I like to take long trips with very few possessions. I have a habit of quitting my job and taking off for 6 months to continents I've never been to before. And when you are a Traveler, that means you are a very good packer. I know how much contact solution I use in a month down to the ounce. I actually like only having 3 outfits to choose from for months and months at a time. I know which adapters to use in which countries. I routinely suck the air out of ziplock bags in order to flatten my clothes even more so I can use a smaller suitcase. I designed and had my mom sew my own special hidden money pockets that I use in place of those stupid money belts that everyone can see a mile away. I am good at selecting and packing essentials for long trips. It's what I do, it's who I am.

I am now in over my head.

All day my head runs in circles....How many cans of formula do I need for 8 feedings x 8 days x two kids? How many diapers for two kids who may or may not get sick? Wait, I need bottle liners? Do I want more short sleeve onesies or more long sleeve onesies? How many pairs of socks do non-walking 4 month olds really need? Do I need lice medication and scabies medication? What are scabies? Wait--my kids don't have hair--cancel the lice meds! How many wipes... two for each diaper change, 8 changes a day x two kids for 8 days, that's 256 wipes! If Twin A weighs 12lbs and eats 4-5 oz every 3-4 hours and Twin B weighs 9.5lbs and eats 3-4 oz every 2-3 hours than how many bottle nipples do I need to bring?

Did I mention I know how much contact solution to take on a 4 month trek through SE Asia?

I want to write about the nursery. Which is a lovely hodge podge of old and new and borrowed and bought and even a few things bartered. We have lots of trinkets from our travels and even a few things from when we were both babies. Because the first thing we got for the nursery was the Robert Indiana HOPE print (created for Obama's campaign) the nursery has somehow become a red, white and blue theme. Sometimes I find The Esquire just sitting in the nursery, looking at all the little things, dreaming of what's to come.

I want to write about how simultaneously overjoyed and terrified I am. I was a nanny for a few years, so I know what it's like to spend all day with two kids. But those kids were different ages and more importantly, they weren't MINE. I went home at 6pm. Don't get me wrong, I still love those kids with all my might but they weren't mine. On Monday Aug 17th someone will hand us two humans... and they WILL be mine. Forever. For EVER. That is the happiest and scariest word I know these days.

I want to write about how fabulous all our friends and family have been since we passed court. My mom went out and instantly bought a pack and play so the twins have a place to sleep at her house. My father-in-law tracked down an old friend in Addis Ababa so we will have a friend to show us around. Our neighbors have been popping by offering to run little errands. My best girlfriends have been sending us hand-me-downs. This lovely lady put up with me for 5 hours as I hemmed and hawed over changing pad covers and debated the ethics of all little girls clothes having "Princess" stitched on them. She took me by the hand and said "this lotion, this diaper cream, this bathtub." She is the only reason I am not still standing in Target right now trying to decide between the blue blanket and the green one.

I want to write about the amazing full moon that is out tonight. There was a time when I could tell you exactly where I had been for every full moon for almost a 3 yr span. I always look at the full moon and wonder where I'll be the next time it comes around. Tonight it hit me, with a jolt, that the next time the Man in the Moon is at his fullest I'll be home, with my husband. And children. You would think after a year of waiting and 6 days of non-stop shopping that that thought wouldn't have surprised me as much as it did. At what point will this be old hat?

I want to write about so much more but the washer is done and the eggs are over boiled (I did pause to rescue the nipples). It's almost midnight...almost Thursday Aug 6th...almost one day closer to meeting our kids....


  1. Awww Kat it will never be old hat. Can't wait for the next full moon to see you home with your children.

  2. What a privilege to read a post at this stage of your journey. How wonderful that you took the time to look at the moon and to reflect. Best to you on your travels and especially on meeting your little ones!

  3. You will be fine with all the baby stuff you bring. You will have a most amazing trip, I wish you all the best happy returns with those gorgeous twins. And they will be YOURS! And it will be Unbelievably Incredible.


  4. How exciting Kat. I am sure you are going to be packed perfectly and who cares if you are not. once those sweet babies are in your arms you will do without whatever you forgot to pack and you won't even care :)
    I can't wait to hear about the trip and see adorable pictures.
    Happy Packing!!!

  5. wow.....hold onto your hat girl!! the world seems to shift on its it speeding up or slowing down?? either way the magic you are experiencing ...the mind blowing, earth moving love that is about to envelop you...that's what its all about. ((shivers)) there is really nothing as wonderfully exciting or terrifying as becoming a can sooo do this...just don't forget to breath!


  6. I love this post. I remember thinking so many of the same thoughts when I was packing for Addis (although I'm very aware that your task is 2x the challenge).
    I am thrilled for you! I can't WAIT to see those beautiful babies in your arms. As you know, your life is about to change forever, in such a perfect way.

  7. What a wonderful post! We had two weeks to pack as well... but just for one kiddo. It was overwhelming & exhilarating at the same time... as a fellow Traveler, I can tell you, YOU CAN DO IT! Please call me if I can help suck the air outta some ziplocks for you. ;-)

    SO CLOSE!!!

  8. I can only imagine how crazy the packing must be ... first time parents of twins ... what a wonderfully wild and crazy ride! We will all be celebrating with you under that full moon! I am so happy for you!!!

  9. What a lovely post about all that swirls in your head right now. What great times.

    We also traveled less than two weeks after passing court (and we were packing our house to move at the same time). There was very little sleep during those days. Just make sure to have your passports and documents- everything else you can buy in Ethiopia. Or Dubai (where I realized I didn't have a contact case and ended up storing my contacts all week in a tiny plastic container because we couldn't find contact cases anywhere.) And they even have wipes in Ethiopia (we bought some there when we worried we wouldn't have enough for the trip back and Turo's little tush is just fine.) What a great adventure you are about to take!!!!!!!! Happy packing.

  10. Kat, I can totally relate to being a "traveler" at heart. But, I am not as expert as you in knowing exactly how much contact solution to bring! I worried before becoming a parent that my traveling days are over, but our recent trip to Spain with G in tow is proof that they are not! Thankfully. What a beautiful post and rambling about where you are right now. It will all be fun and perfect and you will look back and think that you can't believe how great things are...even better than you could have ever imagined. I can't wait to follow you to ET and continue to hear about your lives as parents. And, I just realized that you will JUST miss Julie and Steven....planes passing over Dubai. What a wonderful month August is!

    Deb (and Allen and Gabrielle)


    (see- words can be hard to come by once you're a mother... all you can think of is: SO HAPPY!! SO HAPPY!! SO HAPPY!!)

  12. thank you. the humaness, the unknown, the dream, the planning, the unlimited. hold onto this. you took me back to that and I didn't realize how much i loved those feelings. much love.

  13. Your post is so beautiful. I love all the noticing of what's going on in your mind and noticing of the moon and such. Next time I see the full moon I will think of you and the esquire and the babies all together.


  14. Hey,
    We don't travel until Sept. 12th. You'd better give my boy some kisses and tell him that his mama will be there soon!!


  15. Hello little ethiopian. Had only a couple of minutes to check out blogs, love your blog, loved this post.

    Princess. I told my family not to buy anything pink for my daughter Lulu when she came around, and guess what her favorite color is now?

    Have a great time. I am sure the pre-travel busyness will subside soon enough, and you will be enjoying a bloody mary pre-flight, about to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

    Send me an email if you have questions, We traveled last week and it was rainy season- I guess sort of wintertime over there. I didn't use ANY of the shorts I brought for Tommy. Mostly used pajamas, soft knits. Whatever you bring or lack to bring, it seems like you will be able to make do. By the end of our trip, Tommy's favorite toy was St. George's bottle caps that he liked putting into the cap of his sippy cup.

    Mazel Tov, Alley