Friday, August 14, 2009

A few final things

So here we sit, at our gate at LAX, waiting to board (ya gotta love the iPhone). Here are my favorite moments so far:

-The Esquire pacing around the house waiting for the cab while giving me a constant update on the time "10 mins!" "5 mins!"

-the cab driver taking us to LAX asked if we had family in Ethiopia...and it hit me- Yes! We do!

-seeing The Esquire show the baggage claim lady a picture of the twins

-realizing as we push our 76 bags through security that we are THOSE travelers now

-reaching into my carry on for something and pulling out the little hoodies I'm bringing for the twins

I can't believe it's time.

And by the way, NOW I'm giddy :-)

xoxo- Kat


  1. Love all those moments!!! Sure hope you are enjoying your reading, eating, sleeping and Giddiness (no idea of how to spell that) on that big bird in the sky. Can't wait for updates!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Have a fantastic trip Kat!!! I can't believe the next time I see you those babes will be in your arms. Have a Super Trip!!!!!!!!

  3. beautiful!!! I am so excited/elated/ridiculously happy for you guys! Have an amazing trip! Your arms will be full of sweetness very, very soon!


  4. OOh. I hear the excitement. So excited for you!

  5. Oh, I have the chills!!! Soon you will have them in your arms.


  6. I barely "know" you and I'm giddy, too! Thanks for sharing these moments.

  7. many blessings on your journey!

  8. So exciting! I bet you've met them by now!

  9. I'm antsy waiting to see you all together. I TOTALLY can not wait!!!! I actually got teary eyed driving the car from town today thinking about you all.

    Before long you'll be reaching in to your pocket (or bag) and pulling out hair "pretties" and Legos. It beats lint, believe me.

    My "baby" heads to kindergarten in a couple of weeks - I thought I would have his companionship forever and now he's off into the big world. Enjoy every...single...moment.

  10. Yep - the excitement is PALPABLE! Enjoy every minute :)

  11. Giddy = Awesome

    I'm sending all sorts of positive vibes your way!!!

  12. Giddy = Awesome

    I'm sending all kinds of positive vibes your way!

  13. Oh, man, the Esquire showing pictures of the babies...that got me almost as much as when he brought their picture in to watch TV. Heart strings, pluck, pluck! Hope you are having an amazing time with the wonder twins! Blessings to you all,


  14. Oh my God, I just found your blog for the first time (I'm very out of the loop) and I am enthusiastically hungrily going back and back in time with you reading old posts and so fabulously happy that NOW, just as I've entered your lives (See? I'm like a lucky charm) you're going to Ethiopia!! I love that you have so openheartedly stepped over the line.


  15. Hey Kat!

    So nice to hear from you! How are those precious babies????