Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Celebrating Enkutatash...3 is the magic number

We've been lucky enough to live in the neighborhood known as Little Ethiopia for 3.5 years now.

The first year we attended the Ethiopian New Year Street Festival held a few blocks from our house we had just gone on the wait list. I cried every time I saw a sweet Ethiopian (looking) child. Yes, that crazy white woman was me.

The second year we attended the Ethiopian New Year Street Festival the twins had been home with us for barely 3 weeks. I was sooooo excited to take them to the parade (there is an elephant!) and to see the dancers and, lets be honest, to show them off.  They cried the whole 15 mins we were there. The noise and the crowds were just too much.

The third year was the charm.  The twins loved their outfits. They loved the music. They loved the food. And the people loved them.

Happy 2003! xoxo-Kat
Baby Girl dancing in the crowd  

back at home begging for sambusas 

And just in case you thought they were bored of the Crazy way.


  1. Ummmmm... can I tell you how jealous I am? No, I can't, because I just don't have the words! How fabulous!

  2. Oh, wow, I love seeing them! They are standing so tall and straight! Did they see the elephant?

  3. What an amazing place to live! The twins are super cute in their outfits!!

  4. Look how big they are! It happens so quickly. I was marveling last night at Asher, who has only been walking a month, and is now running!

  5. I wish we had a Little Ethiopian community where we live! What a blessing and your little ones look adorable! We're currently at the top of the list after waiting 7 months for twins... I love looking at your blog!
    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  6. hi -- i just found your blog and i'm very excited! i'm a single mom in CT -- i brought home twin girls from ethiopia in january. my little ones are a little younger than yours -- they turned 1 in mid-july.

    i'm really looking forward to following your posts!


  7. How wonderful! :)