Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One year LAversary

One year ago today, Aug 25, 2009, the Twins cleared customs and took their first breaths of LA's sweet smoggy air.  We were home.

Loved ones were on hand to greet the newest Angelenos.

Flash forward one year: 

We celebrated our LAversary by visiting a LA landmark, the Santa Monica Pier. This is our friend Pippa. 16 yrs ago (this month!) when I first moved to California I lived w/ her grandparents. Seems full circle somehow that she'd celebrate this California Moment with us.

Baby Boy fulfilling his duties as LA Ambassador and greeting the tourists.

One year. I still can't believe it. 

xoxo, Kat


  1. Lovely! I can't believe it's been a year either.

  2. I love following your blog updates... Waiting for twins ourselves it's like a little glimpse of what's to come! Your family is beautiful!


  3. great photos. congrats on your 1 yr :)

  4. It's amazing a whole year has flown by!! So honored we got to be a part of that day!!!

  5. congrats - how far we've all come - love it!

  6. Wow. Seems like yesterday. Happy Famiversary!

  7. Hooray! So glad to see these pictures that we didn't get to see at the time. What a happy day!