Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cuteness on the East Coast

I am pleased to say there was MUCH cuteness on the East Coast last week. I was in CT to finally meet Mr Leo and Miz Popi in person and I must say they lived up to all my expectations. I predict they will be great friends of our own soon-to-be-cuties.

Here is just a smidgen of cuteness for your enjoyment ...

Popi & Leo sittin' in a tree...

fyi--the only reason I feel comfortable posting pictures of these two lovelies is because they both already have their own blogs and PR reps, otherwise you'd have to settle for photos like this one:

Baby Love, Oh Baby Love...

Leo incognito

Popi, all worn out after a hard morning of coo-ing and smiling...

Who ordered the extra-large baby burrito?

Ok, so this isn't Popi or Leo but there is no denying the Cuteness Factor!

1 comment:

  1. Leo and Popi are quite the baby couple. I don't know how I somehow missed your comment the other day. I am thrilled that someone else other than a literary critic or author was reading it. I am just getting started. I am looking for someone else because I hear that it gets pretty rough and violent.

    As for riding, I just trail ride. But I have deep admiration for you jumpers.