Wednesday, January 14, 2009

(cold) Baby Tour '09

So I'm leaving lovely, warm, sunny Southern California today ... headed to NY & CT for a long weekend of babies. A long, cold, Arctic-Winds-Are-a-Comin' weekend. I'm excited about the babies. Not so thrilled about the weather.

My friend Susie and I are going east to see him and her and their parents. Leo and Popi were born within 4 days of each other last October and, as is the custom with arranged marriages, have already met, but this will be our first chance to meet them. Their moms and Susie are three of my best girlfriends (from our wild, single days in San Francisco) and their husbands are among my favorite men. Sadly, we all live in different places now so instead of spending all our time in each others apartments like the old days, we now have to book flights to have Girl Time.

I'm very excited to meet these two munchkins. And I'm really excited to have a chance to sit around the dinner table visiting with their parents for long hours at a time. I'm excited to see how cloth diapers and the Tripp Trapp are working out for them (Leo and Popi are consumer guinea pigs for my soon-to-be children). And I'm excited to see these new moms in all their glory. Last time we were all together Susie's daughter was the only kid around, Leo and Popi were just rumbles in their mom's belly's and I had just entered the Waiting Phase. So now almost all of our kids are here! We just need my Little Ethiopian(s) and the gang will be complete. Getting to finally meet Leo and Popi in the flesh makes me realize just how fast time is moving in this waiting game. Gives me hope and optimism that my time is coming soon. Like I said, I am very excited to meet these two new people.

But I'm not excited about the weather. It's supposed to be a high of 17 degrees on Friday. SEVENTEEN. I live in Los Angeles, where it rarely gets to 17 degrees Celsius! has all sorts of flashing headlines saying "Severe Weather Alert in NY and CT." Great. I went out this weekend and bought a real winter coat (one with the ability to actually keep me warm as opposed to just looking cute). It took 2 days and 6 stores before we found one. This being LA, on Jan 1st all the stores replaced their winter coats with bikinis. I'm not making that up.

So just to sum up this entry: Babies = good. Arctic Weather = Bad.

Have a happy (warm) weekend where ever you are. Wish my thin skin, thin blood, wimpy self good luck in the tundra... xoxo-Kat

ps--and could all my relatives in South Dakota and Minnesota please stop laughing at my wimpiness and go put on coats!

See..even Leo and Popi are upset about the Arctic Winds!


  1. Brrrrrrrrrr!! But those are two very cute little munchkins to help keep you warm!!!

  2. Stay warm!! Have fun!!! P.S. I LOVE my Tripp Trapp! Mimi does too!!