Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why blog.

I wasn't going to start a blog. Mainly because I didn't think anyone would care about all the details of our adoption process. But as time passed, and the more adoption blogs I read, the more I began to feel like I was taking but not giving. I was reading and absorbing all the info and experiences shared by other adopting families but I wasn't sharing ours. I know all of these blogger's stories--I rejoiced in their successes, worried about their children, grieved for their setbacks, spoke to The Esquire about them by name... but since I never left comments on their blogs, they had no idea I was even there. I was a lurker and that made me feel kinda bad. But just when I would get up the nerve to start my own blog, I would read someone else's blog. And they would somehow manage to say the very things I feel in such an clear and articulate manner that I would think, why should I bother with a blog when someone else can say it so much better than I ever could.

But, as you can see, I did give in to blog pressure. (blossure?) And here is why:

1-part of my blog fear was the fact that technically billions of people could read it. Have you ever tried to write something with the thought that BILLIONS of people might read it? Obama's speechwriter and the hosts for the Oscars... they understand my fear. But then I realized that while technically billions COULD read it, realistically only about 20 people probably will. The pressure to write for 20 people...not so bad.

2-My new friend Julie, a way cool blogger by the way, explained in slow, easy-to-understand sentences that the best way to become a part of the ABC (Adoption Blogger Community) is to HAVE A BLOG. I had been reading these blogs for months and saw all the friendships the bloggers have with each other and wanted oh, so badly to be their friend too but didn't know how. I felt like the little sister peering down through the stair railing watching the big kids party... I knew all their details but I was still 'anonymous' to them. So this blog is my calling card... Actually, I guess Julie was my calling card when she asked all her blogger pals to also be my blogger pals. (I loved all your comments b/t/ did The Esq but he won't admit it. Thank you for the warm welcome...and the furniture tips!)

3-and finally the most important reason of all: our child/ren. This blog is a way for us to remember the path that leads us to our family. We've been in the adoption process for 4 months now and already we are completely changed by it. The people we've met, the new thoughts we are having, the reactions we are getting, the way we are starting to see the world... it's really amazing how much has changed and we don't even have a referral yet! So this blog is ultimately for the kid(s)... so one day they can look back and see that we wanted them so much we were willing to share it with billions of people.


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  1. Very glad you've decided to out yourself into the blog world...we will all be equally as enchanted to read your blog and follow your family through this amazing and complex journey.