Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nanny Comes to Hollywood

Last month we had visitors...and not just any visitors but FAMILY! My parents, aka Granddaddy and Mama T, my grandmother, who I call Nanny but the twins call Grand-Nan, and my Aunt Sue.  
My parents come to visit us at least once a year but this was the first time Grand-Nan and Aunt Sue had come out.  In fact, it turns out it was a life-long dream of Grand-Nan's to come to Los Angeles.  A dream she NEVER MENTIONED! Yeah...sorta a shame she kept that to herself all these years. I mean, we could have made that dream come true a long time ago! And often! Oh well, better late than never I suppose and so in September my 91 year old grandmother came to Hollywood for the first time

Sadly, I didn't think to take blog-worthy photos so I've had to do some creative cropping in order to give you a sample of their visit.

Naturally, we had to show Grand-Nan the Hollywood Sign.

And Santa Monica Beach

There was some sort of trapeze group meeting at the beach that day so Grand-Nan and Aunt Sue got an eye-full of that craziness.   

We also spent an afternoon wandering around Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. Here is Grand-Nan pondering Prada's Fall collection.   

But mainly we just stayed home and played with The Twins. They LOVED all the attention and hugs. Finally, they had a house full of people who would play peek-a-boo and "where's my nose?" with them!

Baby Girl sharing secrets with her Granddaddy
Baby Boy studying the life aquatic with his Mama T
Aunt Sue learning the rules of the water table, "What happens at water table STAYS at water table."   

Over all it was an amazing (and too brief!) visit. One that I never thought would happen. The twins are truly blessed to be loved by so many people.



  1. These are the most precious photos ever! Two of my favorite things, adorable little people and adorable grandparents. I love the pics with Grand-nan's face cropped, they are so sweet!

  2. oh wow, lucky you! Love the photo captions :)

  3. It is always such a joy to visit your site and read again about the ongoing development of life with the WonderTwins. The photos bring them all even more to life for those of us who are at a distance ... always look forward to the next segment.

    Warmest warmest wishes for continued happiness and good health in your new environment. Hope to see you all one day.

    Jean R.

  4. Oh! Missing your posts! You were doing so good at a post a month! What's been happening lately with Baby Boy and Baby Girl? I bet you have a lot of great updates to share! Don't you?! :)