Monday, January 25, 2010

For those of you waiting...

Today marks our 5 month anniversary of being in the states together as a family of four. Where does the time go? The picture above is our most current family photo. How much do you love Baby Boy's shoes??

As it happens, today was also the twins 9 month check up. They are, much like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way. They babbled and smiled and did all their little tricks for the doctor. She was pleased and declared them right on target developmentally. Which is a relief to hear because considering these are our first and only kids we have no idea what they should be able to do by now. And the books just make things more confusing. What to Expect in the First Year says they should be able to eat a cracker by 6 months! A cracker! How? They have no teeth!

As far as their stats: Baby boy is a whooping 24lbs and 30" long...that's the 89th percentile for those of you who understand that jargon. Baby Girl is a bit more petite but long: 17lbs and 28" (21st and 52% respectively). Again, the doctor is pleased with their growth--the amount of weight they have put on over the past five months is right on target.

For those of you waiting to bring your babies home--here is why this should matter to you: When we got home five months ago, neither baby weighed enough to register on the percentile chart. They were teeny tiny then but look what five months can do.

Here's another little story for those of you with babies in the Gladney care centers right now: Just last week a friend admitted to me that she had actually met the twins when they were in Addis. While she was in Ethiopia picking up her daughter, she toured the baby houses and saw the care givers holding four week old twins. They had just arrived at the care center the day before and were horribly malnourished and sick. My friend said when she saw how tiny and fragile these babies were she got all teary because she didn't think they would make it. She spoke to the staff and was told the caregivers would hold and feed the twins non-stop around the clock to make sure they were ok.

Fast forward 5 weeks and we get our referral call for two month old twins. When my friend sees our referral photos for the first time she gets very silent. I assume she's all choked up with happiness for us, but in reality she recognizes our twins as those same fragile tiny twins she meet in Addis and she's scared for us. Scared because she saw first hand what a long road they had before them health wise. But she's not a doctor so instead of scaring us with her opinion she decides to not mention having met the twins.

Fast forward again to last week when we have a play date with my friend and her daughter. Baby Boy and Baby Girl are rolling and scooting everywhere, laughing and hugging and being normal 9 month old babies. My friend finally confesses that she had met them in Ethiopia. She was afraid I would be angry that she hadn't told me this before now. But how could I be angry? On the contrary this knowledge feels like a surprise gift. Because now we know of someone, someone we already considered a friend nonetheless, who saw the twins before we did. Who had them in her heart long before we knew they existed. An eyewitness who can confirm what we have believed all along, that the Gladney care givers really did love on our babies every second of every day until we got there. I mean, come on, that's amazing! I am grateful beyond words.

I know how hard the wait is...I know how afraid you can be at 3am for your children waiting in Ethiopia but try to find a little peace of mind that they are definitely being loved on, and that one day--before you can blink an eye--they will most likely be in the 89th percentile too.



  1. they share my birthday. they share my story. they share my love.

  2. WOW. 89th percentile? Go baby boy! Thanks for this post Kat. Even though I have been down this road before, sometimes I am afraid at 3am. I just blogged about this. You are so right about Gladney, and the caregivers. A couple weeks ago I finally had that feeling that she was there, in their care. Now I can try to relax and just wait for the phone to ring.

    p.s. play date Saturday??

  3. That is very reassuring, I have to say. I look forward to getting our referral, to see her face, but I dread where my mind will go as I know I will be worrying. I worry about her already and it is surely a good ten months before we will receive a referral. But I take heart in your words, I really do.

  4. What you say about Gladney and the care givers is so true. We can already see our twins (can't really say that yet but God willing soon) thriving under their care. That said, they are tiny - not much bigger than your 9 month old and that terrifies me sometimes. It is very reassuring to hear how much progress your two lovelies have made!! Thanks for the update :) I heart Gladney and Kat!

  5. Wow- they are doing so wonderful Kat. It amazes me when I hear stories like that. To think that they were that small and sickly and now they are all chubs and giggles. WOW!!!

  6. wow...thank you Kat! It is amazing what lovin's and nourishment can do for a child...the combination are the BEST medicine ever!!

    reading bits like this definitely make the waiting easier:)

  7. Wow, wow, wow! My 9 month old Kibru weighs 17 lbs. We've had him and A a month today! Congratulations on the beautiful babies and milestones. Love it!

  8. Beautiful post Kat.

    And also? I need those shoes for Sol. NEED THEM.

  9. Gladney called Friday with our referral of 3.5-month-old twin boys. This post calms my heart a bit!