Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holiday gift ideas!

So the holidays are coming up and if you are like me then you are probably already stressed about not only WHAT to give all the people on your list but also about how to find time to actually get said items. Well, let me just say, that was the Old Me. The New Me is feeling pretty relaxed because I've figured out what everyone is getting...

My friend Jen is making The. Most. Adorable. Shirts. EVER. Check out her etsy shop: Lil Blu Birds. And if the shirts aren't cool enough on their own...then how about this: Jen is giving 100% of the proceeds from these Most Adorable Shirts for humanitarian aid in Ethiopia. Jen adopted her son from Ethiopia last year and is lucky enough to be going back in a month or so. While there she will be handing out fleece wraps to people on the street and buying cows & goats for the orphanages so the kids can have meat for a change. Warm clothes and food that she bought with the money made from her shirts.

Jen's son Abe in one of her super cool shirts

It's really a no brainer. But just in case you aren't sure yet, let's break it down into pros and cons:

Pros of buying a shirt from Lil Blu Birds:
1-easy peasy Christmas shopping. Just buy one of Jen's shirts and viola! Cross people off your list.

2-easy peasy good karma warm fuzzy feelings. Just buy one of Jen's shirts and viola! You are helping feed orphans and keep homeless people warm at night.

3-easy peasy way to look hip and cool. Just buy one of Jen's shirts and then sit back while your friends and family bask in the fact that they have a one-of-a-kind shirt that helps people.

Cons of buying a shirt from Lil Blu Birds:
(cue cricket noises)

oh, wait, THERE ARE NO CONS!

Go to Jen's etsy shop to see more cute designs (she's putting more up this week)
Go to Jen's blog to find out why and how she got started doing this

And start thinking about what you're going to do with all that free time you have this holiday season now that you no longer have to stress about shopping.

The shirts Jen made for my freakin' cute are they!

You can thank me later....



  1. I love Owls!!! So adorable!! I want a grown up shirt :) I think I will go get one for my niece...thanks for posting.

  2. Oh, guess what....they do have grown up shirts, yippee!!! One for me(yes, I buy myself Christmas presents...anyways...), one for my it!!

  3. I love her stuff! I've ordered several items from her! Great post!

  4. Tessa has three of her shirts and I LOVE them!! So, so cute!!

  5. Thanks Little Ethiopia.Wish you in advance a Happy Christmas n New Year eve ahead.

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  6. Hi Kat! I remember your record breaking wait well and have been a big fan of your story for some time (although I see now that you have resurfaced and that I have some catching up to do!). Thanks for your words of encouragement. I think something popped when we hit month eleven on the wait list last week but I am coming back down to earth and I KNOW that this will be worth the wait. Your story certainly is proof of that! xoxo, Heidi