Wednesday, December 17, 2008

9 out of 10

According to my unscientific research it looks like there were 10 families represented by Gladney (our adoption agency) in an Ethiopian court today. That means 10 families couldn't sleep last night and then sat by their phones all day waiting to hear if the Ethiopian court approved their adoptions.

Drum roll please.... 9 of them passed! There are NINE new families today! 9 out of 10. That is amazing. I am over the moon by this news.

No, I don't know any of these 10 families... I've just been following their adoption stories. Keeping my fingers crossed for them.

No, this doesn't really affect us directly... we still have many more months to wait until we get a referral and then even longer till it's our time in court. But the fact that families are continually passing court is a great and hopeful sign for those of us coming next.

And as for the one family that did not pass today (paperwork issues)...Our fingers will stay crossed and our thoughts and prayers aimed towards you until it's your day. Keep the faith.


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